Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I have to be Lutheran to attend St. John Lutheran School?

No, families of our school come from all different denominational backgrounds. St. John is a ministry outreach to families of both our congregation and community.

2. Is St. John accredited?

St. John is accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Association. The standards either meet or exceed those set forth by the State of Indiana. St. John Lutheran School is also a member of the Indiana Non-public Education Association. Due to the accreditation process, St. John is committed to an ongoing process of evaluation and improvement.

3. What is the process for enrolling my child?

Children entering Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten must complete a registration form. Parents are encouraged to attend Round Up or to make an appointment with the office to tour the building andmeet the teacher. For children entering grades 1-8, an application form must be completed and a meeting with the administrator is encouraged. In some cases, it may be necessary to conduct a skills assessment. The administrator will present the application to the Board of Christian Education of St. John Lutheran Church with the recommendation to either approve or deny the registration. Each new student must serve a 9-week probationary period. Final acceptance will be determined after that 9-week period.

4. How much does it cost to send my child(ren) to St. John?

In this packet of information, you will find our tuition rates for members, non-members and those who belong to other Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod churches (“sister” congregations). Information about registration/book fees is also included.

5.Does St. John offer tuition assistance or reduction?

Requests for tuition assistance/reduction are considered for families with students in grades Kindergarten through 8, and are reviewed by the Board of Christian Education on an individual basis. The amount of tuition assistance given is dependent upon school enrollment for the year in which the request is made. An application must be completed and will be reviewed by the Board at its monthly meeting. The Board will then inform applicants in writing of its decision.

6. Do students in multi-grade classrooms learn as much as those in single grade classrooms?

Yes. Our dedicated faculty and administration work very diligently to provide opportunities for each student to learn to the best of her/his God-given ability. Core subjects, such as math and language arts, are taught on grade level. Other subjects, such as social studies and science, are taught to the class as a whole. To enhance the educational opportunities for each student, an aide is assigned to the classrooms for grades K-6 for a portion of each day.

7.Does St. John follow the same calendar as South Dearborn Community Schools?

In most cases, we do follow the same calendar. However, there will be slight differences. Therefore, it is important that you follow the calendar given to you at final registration. St. John does follow South Dearborn for snow closings and delays.

8.Can my child(ren) ride the bus to and from St. John?

Bus service is provided for children of St. John in grades Kindergarten through 8 who live in the South Dearborn district. Bus service is not available for Pre-K students. In order to find out more information about specific bus routes, please contact the South Dearborn administrative office at 926-2090.

9. Is there a hot lunch program?

Yes, our school is proud of the hot lunch program that we offer. Our hot lunch director strives to plan meals that are not only nutritious, but that are also enjoyable to the students. The cook is a certified food handler. Our program is inspected by the county health department. The cost for lunch is $2.25 per day, and meal tickets are sold in increments of five days for a total of $10 per week. Extra milk may be purchased for .30 cents. St. John participates in the federal free and reduced lunch programs for qualifying families. Applications are available in the school office.Lunch and snack milk for Pre-Kindergarten students is included in the cost of tuition.

10.Does St. John offer an extended care program?

Yes, we currently offer after school care until 6:00 p.m. for St. John Students. Extended Care may be available before school with advanced notice. Extended care services are $2 per half hour. There is a discount for multiple students. St. John also offers a Summer Program for parents who need child care during the summer. More information about the Summer Program is available upon request.

11.Does St. John have an early entrance policy for Kindergarten?

According to state policy, children must turn 5 years of age before August 1st to enter Kindergarten. A parent who has a child that will be 5 years of age before September 1 st, may make application to the Board of Christian Education for early entrance into Kindergarten.

12. Do St. John students have the opportunity to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities?

Yes, St. John offers extra-curricular activities. Students in grades 4-8 may participate in volleyball in the Fall and in basketball in the Winter depending on enrollment. Students in grades 5-8 are invited to work on the Yearbook Committee. Other extra-curricular activities may be announced throughout the year. Importantly, St. John has a National Junior Honor Society chapter. NJHS recognizes and encourages academic achievement among middle school students. Chapter service activities ensure that membership is both an honor and a commitment.

13.Who do I need to ask if I have any questions?

Many people are available to you to answer any questions you may have: the pastor – Rev. Edward Davis; the administrator – Mrs. Terri Schmeltzer; and the office manager – Ms. Lisha Seibert. All of these individuals can be reached at the school by calling 812-926-2656. You may also send your questions via email to